Merry New York Christmas

Saturday, December 17, 2011

So this is one of my all-time, year-round favorites, but it is especially true and especially meaningful this year, at this time of year...

Call on your angels
Come down to the city
Crowd around the big tree
All you strangers who know me
Bring your compassion
Your understanding
Lord, how we need it
On this New York City Christmas

Yeah I'm sending you a merry New York Christmas
and a prayer for peace on earth within our time
Hear the sidewalk angels echo hallelujah
We understand them, now more than ever

So call on your angels
Your beaten and broken
It's time that we mended
So they don't fade with the season
Let our mercy be the gifts we lay
From Brooklyn and to Broadway
Celebrate each and every day
of this New York City Christmas

(A New York City Christmas, Rob Thomas)

Merry New York Christmas, friends...hope it is simply wonderful.

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