I'll Be Home For Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When you live 2,000 miles away from home, it's not presents around the tree, just begging to be opened.  It's, "how much more will fit in this box before I ship it halfway across the country?"

Case in point...

I once thought I could just put all the gifts in my carry-on suitcase and take it with me on December 23.  Um, yeah...

Now, in case you are wondering, gift wrapping is kind of my thing.  I get really into it.  It's an art form...which is part of the reason I spent hours picking out gift wrap in SoHo today.  In all honesty, you could easily spend as much on the wrapping as you do on the gift.  Stationery stores are my absolute favorite kinds of stores.  I could get lost for hours in the paper stores on 18th street or scattered throughout SoHo.  Today I picked up a greeting card that was $10.  And then I put it right back where I found it.  Seriously, don't take me to a paper or stationery store and expect it to be a quick, cheap trip.  But on days like today that just generally are kind of ugly and make you realize how big the city is and how short life is, the best thing I know to do is make pretty things.  

But back to the Christmas gifts...they wouldn't even come close to fitting in my largest, non-carryon suitcase.  Not even a little bit.  So instead, I put everything in leftover moving boxes hiding in the back of my closet.  And then I took them out, rearranged, and repeated this process approximately seven times until all the gifts fit perfectly.  It was kind of like playing Tetris.

I mean, maybe it doesn't look like that much.  But that big box?  I could sit down inside of it.  Definitely too much to travel with all the way to Oklahoma.  So very glad that FedEx is literally next door.  Not so very glad that I still have to wait nine days to see my most favorite people.  But I will definitely be home for Christmas, so very soon...

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  1. I love buying gifts and love wrapping them, so this post is right up my alley. :) Very cute wrapping... I need to get to work on mine! Hope you have an awesome Christmas in Oklahoma!