Forever Kind of Moment

Sunday, December 11, 2011

‎"To Baylor nation, I say this is a forever kind of moment, and may we be blessed to have many more like it in the future. God has a plan, and it's our job to fulfill it, and in this moment we have." (RG3's Heisman acceptance speech)

In the midst of a crazy weekend, I ditched the cab ten blocks away and ran through Times Square to arrive just as the ceremony was beginning.  (Note: If you've never been to NY, you don't know that running through Times Square on a Saturday night is like running an obstacle course around tourists and Disney characters and street corner salesmen.  It takes talent.)  I had just wrapped a week of insane work, multiple papers, charity party the previous night, and two days in a row of very intense doctoral-level classes.  I finished my second semester at Columbia and skipped out early on the class party to represent my Bears at the official Baylor Alumni New York watch party, just around the corner from the actual Heisman presentation.  I had to be there.  And it was so very sweet.  The announcer lady just had to say "Ro..." and the place was a beautiful blend of tears and screaming and Sic Em Bears.  Pure joy.    

Over the last few weeks and months...and really, decades, there was a lot of talk.  A lot of negativity.  A lot of people out there who all shared a common thought...that Baylor University cannot win the Heisman.  They said it simply is not possible.  That a seemingly insignificant school in the middle of nowhere Texas had no shot at football greatness.  But you know what?  

We never stopped believing.  

And the greatness of the achievement is nothing compared to a young man from Texas who stood in the national spotlight and made it clear that it wasn't about a game or a win or a person.  We do love the game, because we grew up in the middle of Friday Night Lights country.  But for thousands of Baylor fans, it is so much more than a game.  It is the knowledge that God has a plan and that our job is to faithfully follow.  It is patience in the face of adversity.  In a way, it is the embodiment of everything we have ever believed...

That faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

So we will Sic Em like we never have before, because we are so very certain that God works for the good of those who love him. 

And we will pray not for football wins and trophies, but for so many more forever kind of moments... 

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