A Few Words Too Many

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The way I see it, life is just way too short to be mean.

Now, I realize that this sounds a bit like something you tell a kindergartener or plaster on a bumper sticker for your mini van.  But really, just stick with me.

That whole, "stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" business your parents taught you when you were five?  Total lie.  One of the biggest lies you will ever be told.  Could not be farther from the truth.  Because for as strong and in control and impressive you are, one person's words have a really big impact.  Like it or not, it's just the way it is.

The Chief, Baby Sister, and I are generally in agreement that life would be so much easier if people were like us...kind and thoughtful and more concerned about making other people happy than satisfying our own selfishness.  We go out of the way to take care of the people in our lives, and the favor is not always returned.  And really, there just aren't a whole lot of people like that in the world.  So when you find one, whether that person is a friend or boss or someone else equally as awesome as you are, you do everything you can to treat the other person as great as they treat you.  And, most of the time, when people don't live up, it makes being around them frustrating or discouraging or just downright miserable.

I fully realize that the mean people have their reasons for being mean, and my counseling background tells me that it's because of their own horrible pasts or selfish issues or whatever.  Sad for them, really.  The thing is, I do not care why a mean person is mean.  Their bitterness or need to make other people feel awful about themselves just isn't ok.  I mean, I am generally an awesome, beautiful, humble, Ivy League educated woman who at least makes you think I have it all together (also a lie).  So the one or two mean people in my life?  I'll get over it, even if it makes me not like the day-to-day one little bit.  But the ones who are facing things much worse than me, or still trying to figure out who they are, or just trying to get over what happened a long time ago?  One unkind person can destroy it all.  A few words too many can last forever.

So for just a little bit, maybe try to approach everyone you encounter with trust instead of doubt...encouragement instead of challenge...peace instead of conflict...love instead of hate.

It could change the world.

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