Baby It's Cold Outside

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey, you know how I moved to New York City on July 31?  I jetted away from the hottest summer on record in Oklahoma history and settled into beautiful, perfect, 85 degree New York summer.  Now, just so you know, it always feels so much hotter in the city than it really is, since there is so much glass and steel and concrete.  It was hot on the subways, hot in my un-airconditioned apartment, hot everywhere.  And I loved it.  Summer in New York, I have decided is my favorite.  You just can't beat long, lazy dinners outside, the perfection of reading a book for hours in Central Park, or running (well, you walking) along the Hudson.  I am a shorts and flip flops and summer dresses kind of girl.

So why am I going on and on about summer?

Because, apparently, it gets cold in the northeast.  Who knew?  (Stop laughing.)  Like, really, really cold.  Cold on the subways, cold in my apartment, cold everywhere.  I think I've bundled up enough to handle it, and I am always wrong.  The thing is, it gets dark around 4:30 p.m., so the nights seem longer and there is less time for the sun to warm things up.  And so when I went downtown last night to meet friends for dinner at 8:00 p.m., it felt like the middle of the night, because it had already been dark for so long.  I am getting used to the cold, because I know it hasn't really even gotten cold here yet.  The days when 25 is the low will soon become the days when 25 is the high.  Still, makes me miss Texas and all those years I drove home for winter break in shorts and flip flops.  Ah, Texas...

So this weekend, when faced with the idea of no class projects, no on-call nights, and no visitors, here is what I did...saw New Years Eve in theaters, watched the entire eight-hour Kennedys mini-series, laughed through Home Alone one and two, designed wedding invitations for baby sister, and read two Nicholas Sparks books.  (Stop judging...sometimes a girl just needs a Nicholas Sparks love story.)  I even attempted to enjoy tex-mex in New York City, but it was sort of a disaster of Texas-sized proportions.  Kind of reminded me of that commercial around the campfire where the guy gets his salsa from New York City.  It just can't be done people.

But now there are only 4.5 days until Oklahoma.  I'm a little nervous about attempting to fly out of New York during the holidays, so say a little (okay, big) prayer that my flights are on time and everything goes smoothly...this city girl needs some major family/holiday/Okie time.  Like, soon.

Happy Christmas, blog friends!

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