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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh man people, so many things happening around {the ivy project} lately. So many in fact, that {the ivy project} temporarily got pushed to the back of the line.  But we’re back with much to share!

Just to recap the first half of November…

Had my first doctor and pharmacy experiences in New York.  Did not go so well.  Basically, I’ve been sick for a month.  As it turns out, my body doesn’t really like living in a city with nine million people and all of their germs. 

One of my high school BFFs came for a great weekend visit, her first to New York.  We had great girly fun shopping and carb-loading in preparation for the New York City marathon.  I mean, no, we did not actually run the marathon, but we were fully supportive of those who did.  Also, we had front row Wicked tickets.  Because I’m awesome.

Also, there was this minor issue of my first major paper related to my future research as a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University.  It was the first time I’ve had the chance to research and write about what I want, and the goal is that it becomes the foundation for my dissertation.  So I kind of spent a ton of time on that.  And my 10-12 page paper turned out to be 23 pages.  Whoops.

But I’m back with many updates to share.  Look for lots of great things in the next few days.

Life is good people.

And just in case you forget...

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