What's Up, New York?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When I moved to New York, my parents had to stop watching crime shows set in Manhattan.  Mom and Dad didn't need to watch the CSI/Law & Order/SVU/etc. etc. etc. lineup of young girl in the city ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time type of "entertainment."  The city makes an awesome setting for television drama, crime-focused or otherwise.  And there's a reason.

Let me tell you.  The local news is worse than any crime show on television.

You really have to have thick skin to watch the daily news in this city.  Every morning when I turn on the TV, it's something new.  And it is never, ever positive news.  That's why they follow it up with the Today Show and proposals on the plaza and all that other happy stuff.  Because when they cut to the local news in the commercial break, it's all serial killers and subway attackers.

Today it was a helicopter that crashed into the East River.  Since moving, it's been the Long Island serial killer, multiple subway attackers, gang violence, and more.

I must say, I have never felt safer than I do living in my quiet, cozy Upper West Side Manhattan neighborhood.  I have a doorman (i.e., 24 hour security) and the area is swarming with Columbia campus safety officers at all hours of the day and night.  Honestly, I firmly believe that I am safer living here than I was walking into my south Oklahoma City office every day.  Those of you who know me well enough know why.

But also, I don't do stupid things like head down to the financial district in the middle of the month-long "Occupy Wall Street" protest.  Sorry to my upcoming weekend visitors...we'll go shopping instead.  I'm a smart kid.

So I don't feel too terribly bad when I skip the evening news for Friends or How I Met Your Mother.  And I will happily continue watching Castle, my favorite show which happens to be a crime show set in my city.  Because it's nothing compared to the news anchors that follow prime time television.

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