That Good Old Baylor Line

Thursday, October 13, 2011

To the hopefuls, the loyal few, and all who are members of That Good Old Baylor Line…

We always knew you could do it.  We believed in you when no one else cared.  Defended every single joke about not having a football team.  Cheered at every single game, regardless of how empty or full Floyd Casey Stadium was.  Tirelessly insisted that you could, in fact, make it to a bowl game, even in the seasons when you only won a single game.  To us, you were always winners.

As students, we followed other Baylor sports too, loving it when our teams took national championships and Olympic medals.   But we knew the reality…Texas is a Friday Night Lights kind of place, and football is a sacred sport in the great state.  We documented that night senior year, when Baylor’s win over Texas A&M truly was the greatest night of our lives until that point.  We tore down goal posts because one win a season still mattered to us.  As alumni, we endured endless jokes from coworkers, bosses, and random people in the mall who commented on the Baylor sweatshirt.  Put up with it, because we knew what it meant to be a fan. 

Even still, we longed for a day when our arms tired from too many Sic Em Bears. 

But you can never have too many Sic Em Bears. 

We always knew you could do it.  Number one in all of Texas football?  No surprise to us.  You’ve always been number one. 

And for all those who doubt, who question, who trash talk, who only cheer for the team when the stats show a W…

There are a lot of you out there.  A lot of people in my home state who cheer for the home team when the game is good and are the first to boo when things get tough.  If you really want to know what it means to be a fan, spend a little time with a Baylor Bear.  Because fan loyalty isn’t loyalty if your team is winning.  It’s when things aren’t going so good, but believing in your team anyways. 

Baylor Bears?  We’re awesome at believing.  And every single member of That Good Old Baylor Line is so proud of you today. 

But the truth is, we always will be. 

Because that’s what it means to fling your green and gold afar…

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