Fluffy Bathrobes and Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In case you haven't heard, I'm running a hotel here in New York City.  It's a full service place...complete with restaurant reservations, personal shopping excursions, and every tourist attraction and off the beaten path local hotspot you could ever hope for.  I am an awesome host.  I am considering investing in fluffy bathrobes for my guests.  I will totally bake you chocolate chip cookies.  Just make sure you check with me before you buy those plane tickets, because I'm pretty much on fully-booked every weekend schedule through Thanksgiving.  :)

So you've already read about the first-timer to NYC tour when my cousin came to visit.  A few weeks later, The Chief (mom) and my aunt came for what quickly turned into the culinary tour of NYC.  We walked to pretty much every dining destination in the city and tried more appetizers, snacks, and desserts than I care to admit.  In case you haven't been, definitely stop by Chelsea Market.  In addition to being home to the Food Network studios, there are amazing markets and restaurants in this Meatpacking District destination.  So worth the trip (and the trip back!).  

Also, Little Italy is amazing.  With cafes full of cases full of pastries like these, how could it not be.  Check it out...

While mom and aunt were here, I added another Empire State Building ticket to my collection.  I also added a few more Lululemon items and a new yoga mat to my stash, thanks to The Chief.  It was a great weekend.  I worked out a lot afterward, but it was totally worth it.

This past weekend, a friend from home made an unexpected trip to NY for business and let me tag along to a cool restaurant or too.  Now, I love my coworkers and new New York friends, but it's a lot more fun to catch up with people I've known for longer than I remember.  We even got to see Rent off-Broadway, and I'm still singing the songs.  Incredible.  Well worth the ticket price and the three hours of your New York time.  (And just FYI...off-Broadway just means that it's in a slightly smaller theater.  It doesn't necessarily imply that it's not as good of a show or anything.)

And just because it's beautiful, here's a nice shot of The Plaza Hotel at night...

And just because I have always and will always be a hopeless romantic, please take a moment to indulge  my ridiculously exciting moment of the weekend, when I randomly ran into Nicholas Sparks outside Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue.  I was just walking down the street and noticed a long line outside, and then I found one of my favorite authors at the front of the line.  And yes, I made my friend stand in line while I ran inside to buy a book, which he graciously signed.  And yes, I am reading the new novel instead of my research methodologies textbook.  But come on...

(Please stop making fun of me now please.)

So that's all for now...just a random collection of my recent weekends entertaining out-of-towners.  I pretty much always feel like a tourist in this city, since I'm always making the tourist rounds.  But really, I kind of love it.  Because it means I get to spend time with people I love.

And baby sister is coming to visit this weekend.  Get ready New York.

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