Nothing Like Oklahoma

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I'm in a world so wide it makes me feel small sometimes.  I miss the big blue sky, the Oklahoma kind..."

Here's what I know for sure.  Home is a good place.

I mean, New York is the greatest city in the world.  You can get anything you want here.  Except for Sonic, Big Truck Tacos, Ted's, and Mom's Mexican Casserole.  Those airline miles were just burning a hole in my pocket.  I couldn't resist anymore.  Two months not leaving New York was long enough.

So two subways, one New Jersey transit train, two Newark AirTrains, and two Continental jets later, I finally got what I really wanted...Baby Sister and The Chief and lots and lots of TexMex.

I saw my family and best friends and went to church.  I watched favorite TV season openers with favorite people.  I sort of had to relearn how to drive (whoops!).  I forgot how big the parking lots are.  I wandered through the "small" Target in Oklahoma City...which is still larger than a city block in Manhattan.  The Chief even made Texas Pie special for the occasion.

It's a funny thing though.  Everyone in Oklahoma kept asking if I had a Yankee accent yet.  Kept commenting on how "big city" I looked.  Kept begging for every detail of my glamourous New York City lifestyle.  And the truth is, living in Manhattan actually makes me feel a lot more small town.  People call me out on my "cute Southern accent" all the time.  Two months ago, no one had ever told me I had an accent.  I am constantly aware of how little I really feel in this great big giant city.  I crave all things Southern.  I get crazy excited when I find out someone is from Texas or Oklahoma.  If you're ever in New York and need a Southern comfort food fix, I'm your girl.

Yes, I do have a fancy new New York haircut.  But in all honestly, it's from the same place in Oklahoma City that always did my hair.  And it was about one-third the cost of a fancy New York haircut.

And at midnight last night when I flew over the sparkling lights of this perfect monstrosity of a metropolis, I couldn't help but feel that surreal feeling that hasn't quite subsided in two months.  I live in New York.  New York.  I still can't really believe it.  I'm not sure if I ever will.

Because at the end of the day, maybe I really am just an Okie from Muskogee.

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