New York Minute

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years ago...

My roommate's radio alarm clock woke me up.  I had no idea that Baylor would eventually cancel classes that day.

I called my mom, wondering if she had seen the "accident" that happened in New York.

I skipped a shower that morning, choosing instead to watch every moment of the Today Show.  I saw the second plane hit the tower.  Even still, I had no idea how that would change everything.

I walked from my freshman residence hall to class, talking to my dad about those two towers we had just seen in New York.

And I sat in Mass Comm, watching with 100 or so new Baylor classmates while mass communications as we knew it collapsed on live television.

And I could not fathom that the skyline I had just been introduced to would forever look like this...

(Look closely...the photo hanging on the fence of the Brooklyn Promenade corrects the skyline.) 

And ten years ago in a dorm room at Baylor University, I would never have believed that on the ten year anniversary of this still-confusing news,  I would wake up on a beautiful September morning just like that day, just a few miles away from lower Manhattan and the skyline that recently became home.

But here is what I do know...

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