Fashion's Night Out

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Contrary to my previous post about yoga pants, there are a few perks to living in the fashion capitol of the world.  And since it is Fashion Week in New York, it is only fitting to pay tribute to one of New York's favorite holidays.

Hello, Fashion's Night Out.

Thursday night kicked off Fashion Week in style.  New Yorkers call in sick, rearrange evening plans, and turn their lives upside down to take part of this annual spectacle of pretty things and even prettier people.  I know this because all the students who report to me actually did those things.  All the stores and designer boutiques open for special events, prizes, concerts, runway shows, and more.  It's basically a chance for the "commoners" in the city to experience what A-listers see from their runway-side chairs at the top fashion shows.

Well, when it comes to a free Marc Jacobs bag and other great prizes, I'm not one to judge.  So I finished my research papers and assigned reading and class prep and crazy work week just in time.  And I may or may not have strategically camped out in a cafe across from Marc Jacobs scoping out the crowds to ensure that I too received the exclusive giveaway.

There were definitely dark sunglasses involved in my stake out.

And a cupcake.  Because you can't have a stake out without baked goods.

It was legit.

But, in attempt to score the coveted bag, I ended up with two.  I am that good.

My first Fashion's Night Out included a trip to Bloomingdales, Macy's, two Marc Jacobs boutiques on Bleecker Street, and Magnolia Bakery.

Oh yeah...

It also included Kirsten Dunst and Tommy Hilfiger.

This was my attempt at a Kirsten Dunst picture, but some guy walked right in front of me.  I was literally standing right next to her on the street corner when I realize who it was, and then she sat down and was waiting for filming.  As soon as I took this awful picture (blonde girl in the khaki trench coat right in the middle), she disappeared into a cafe.  I'm pretty sure we're best friends now.

This is Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's, where he was doing a special Fashion's Night Out appearance.  I was standing in the Tommy Hilfiger section and he smiled at me.  I'm pretty sure he's going to personally design all my clothes from now on.  We had a connection, you know?

You really should make plans to be at Fashion's Night Out in New York next year.  I'm sure another stake out can be arranged.  And in the mean time, you can find me hanging out with my new BFFs.

They love me.

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