Raining on Sunday

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So far, so good, friends.

My little Upper West Side home is getting lots of rain and wind, but that's about it.  The eye of Hurricane Irene is currently right over New York City.  It made landfall along the Jersey Shore, Long Island, and the outer edge of Brooklyn and Queens this morning at a Category 1 hurricane, but Irene was just downgraded to a tropical storm.  Just today, Central Park has received 5.5 inches of rain.  This month, a record 17.5 inches of rain have fallen on Central Park.  That's a lot of rain people.  Good thing I bought a cute rain jacket special for my first hurricane.

I had a pretty sleepless night last night.  The wind was awful, and the Weather Channel text alerts were pretty constant.  I turned the TV on at 2:45 a.m., 4:30 a.m., and finally 7:10 a.m. to make sure I wasn't about to blow away.  New York City had hurricane warnings, flood warnings, and tornado watches.

As of now though, it appears that my area of the city escaped the worst.  Those outlying areas where Hurricane Irene made landfall were hit really hard.  I never lost power and don't expect to at this point.  My cell phone still works.  I am glad to live where I do.

But a word about New York City meteorologists...

They are great.  Really.  They've done an excellent job of tracking this hurricane.  But people, they know nothing about tornadoes.  Last night there were several tornado warnings, mostly in New Jersey.  And here's what happened.  The news would show a map of two counties and a dozen cities with a giant red rectangle over it.  The meteorologist, in response to the tornado warning, reminded people to stay inside.  That's it.  Glad we cleared that up.

What happened to "the F3 funnel will be at SW 119th and South May Avenue at 7:51 p.m., moving to SW 89 and South Penn at 7:54 p.m." ???

They did use the words "hook echo."  It felt like home.  Made me want to go for a post-tornado dinner at Ted's.

I did get out last night, and the Upper West Side was a ghost town.  In my 12-block walk down Broadway to drop off the res life on-call phone, I counted eight open businesses.  On a Saturday evening in a major business and retail area of New York City, I saw four restaurants, two grocery stores, one convenience store, and one bar open.  It was so creepy.  At 8:00 p.m., there was no one to be seen on Broadway...

But for now, I'm in to stay.  Today is my first real day off since moving to New York.  I had big plans for Bloomingdales, Magnolia Bakery, Whole Foods, and Central Park.  But it wouldn't be my life without my luck, and the hurricane changed those plans a little.  The mayor is still telling people to stay inside, and I'm mostly just using it as an excuse to have a really lazy Sunday.  I am loving still being in bed and drinking coffee.  Now if only I didn't have to write a 20-page paper on research paradigms and post-positivism.

Happy Hurricane Sunday, friends.

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  1. Where is Gary England when you need him!?! Jonathan and I love making fun of the Memphis weather coverage during tornados. Our biggest pet peeve? Our entire county's tornado sirens are on one system, so if there is a tornado anywhere, the sirens go off everywhere. Like you, I'm so used to weather coverage being down to the street and intersection, and sirens going off per neighborhood, not county!