I Feel The Earth Move

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So, about that earthquake...

Just another nice, workaholic type day in Manhattan.  That is, until my phone explodes with text messages and voicemails making sure I am ok and wishing I was in Oklahoma.  And I, too busy with the insanity that is my new job, have no clue what they are talking about.  And I start to worry about what happened at home.  And then I turn on the news...

From what I hear, people on higher floors felt it a lot more than those on the ground.  No one I worked with even knew what had happened.  I broke the news.  

I actually did feel the earthquake, but I didn't even realize that it happened.  I've been a little dizzy lately off and on (you know, stress and allergies and such).  I was walking across the quad, and I really thought it was just me.  Turns out I'm not crazy (at least about that).

All in all, nothing really major occurred in my part of New York.  No one evacuated, nothing was damaged.  Just another beautiful New York day with an extra dose of news and gossip.  

But as it turns out, Hurricane Irene is headed our way...expected to make landfall this weekend.  Entire eastern seaboard should prepare.  Fantastic.

What kind of crazy Lifetime movie did I move into?

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