I Ain't in Checotah Anymore

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today I went to church.

In a comedy club.

In Times Square.

Where I could hear the subway rumbling overhead during worship and the entire sermon.


The last seven days of my life have been a whirlwind of new experiences.  I learned how to move without a U-Haul and an SUV.  I said goodbye to family and friends I happen to really like a whole lot.  I found a new place to buy groceries, get coffee, do laundry (ok, I haven't actually done laundry yet), and attend spinning.  In so many ways, I am attempting to settle into a new life here in New York City.  It is starting to feel like home.  You know, except that it's not actually home.

And you really can get anything you want here...except a Wal-Mart store.

Before this week, I had moved on my own (with ridiculous amounts of help from family) exactly twelve times.  And ten of those moves were to or from Waco.  I like Waco a lot.  The other two were in my hometown, so those don't really count.

In my experience, the hardest part of moving comes after everything is unpacked.  With the exception of being away from family, finding a new church is always the toughest part of the move.  It is oddly scary to walk into a new church for the first time, not knowing anyone or how things work.  But since I've pretty much only moved to Waco, that hasn't been much of an issue.  I went to a different church almost every Sunday my first year at Baylor, quickly settling into a church that felt like home my sophomore year.  I did the leadership-team, community-group leader thing for three years and loved it.  When grad school started, I switched to another Waco church to be with friends and enjoyed lots of David Crowder Band worship for another couple of years.  For the past three years (and several more before that when I was home for weekends), I have adored my church in Oklahoma City.  Plus, Baby Sister is an awesome director of weddings/children/movie days/coloring books/fun and games there.  And I pretty much just sobbed through gym service my last Sunday at Crossings.  

So the idea of finding a new church was a little daunting.  Several dear friends gave recommendations for places I should visit, so I wasn't completely in the dark.  In this city that considers Sunday brunch a religious event, I am really committed to not being "that girl."  Don't get me wrong...I love brunch.  A lot.  (Please come have brunch with me.)

So this morning I forced myself out of my cozy, comfy bed and caught the 1 train to West 50th street.  I easily found the comedy club/makeshift church.  I attempted to do the normal church routine of finding a program and a seat somewhere in the middle of the room, praying that I would have an open mind and not miss my old church the whole time.  Oh people...this place made my contemporary gym service with a worship band look sooooooooo low energy.  They were loud.  And excited.  All in all, it was pretty good.  Some music I recognized and a really good message.  The teaching pastor spoke the entire time about stepping out of your comfort zone to be in a place where you can grow more...where God wants you to be.  Somehow I feel like God and I are doing pretty well on the whole "stepping out of your comfort zone" lately.

I'm not going to lie...I had a hard time getting over the whole "church in a comedy club" thing.  It was distracting.  I may check out another of my friends' recommendations next week.  And maybe have brunch after that.  :-)

Just one more new experience in a long line of firsts lately.  First full week of work begins tomorrow.  First time kayaking on the Hudson (or at all) this week.  Lots more on that later.  Res life is so much fun...and so very exhausting.

But I definitely am not in Checotah anymore.

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