Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

As a relatively new New Yorker, I just really cannot begin to describe how it feels to hear the words "New York City" and "evacuations" in the same sentence.

Or to have lived in Manhattan for not quite one month and be told to prepare to duct tape windows.

Or to have to enter my new address into the New York City Office of Emergency Management website to determine if I live in an evacuation zone.

See that Category 1 symbol on the projected map?  That's where I live, just so you know.

Here's what I know so far...

Hurricane Irene is expected to make landfall directly over New York City sometime late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning.  If it continues as planned, it will be a Category 1 hurricane.  The last time a storm that strong hit New York City was 1821.  The storm surge was 13 feet.  That's not so good people.

I do not live in an evacuation zone, but low lying areas of the city and outer boroughs are doing some voluntary evacuations now (mostly hospitals and such).  Any mandatory evacuations would happen Saturday morning (but again, very unlikely in my area).  They are expecting a storm surge (when the tide comes into the city) of 10-15 feet sometime Sunday afternoon.  That's the part that could cause major flooding.

Even if you don't live in an evacuation zone, they are urging people who live above the 10th floor in high-rise apartment buildings to find other accommodations.  I live on the 10th floor.  I'm probably good.

All New York City public transportation will shut down sometime late Saturday afternoon.  They're worried about subways flooding and loss of power and such.  Plus, apparently it takes eight hours to stop the system, which cannot run in sustained winds higher than 39 miles per hour.  There has NEVER been a preemptive shut down of the entire mass transit system in New York City.

I have flashlights, an am/fm radio, bottled water, batteries, food, and a iPhone charger that does not require a power source.  I'm good, I think.

I just got out of a meeting about how the college would respond.  You see, Sunday (hurricane day) is supposed to be move-in day for all first-year students.  Yippee.  That has been postponed, but we still have residents trying to check in early and RAs living in the buildings.  If the power goes out, I have to check on students.  In the extremely unlikely event of an evacuation, I have to help.  Otherwise, things should be good.  Fingers crossed.

Most likely, my part of the city will just have strong rain and wind.  I'm prepared for no power and no cell phone service.  The mayor is urging residents to text, not talk, to conserve cell tower capacity.  We really should be fine though.

So basically, I feel like I'm living The Day After Tomorrow.  If things get really bad, I'll be at the New York Public Library, waiting for Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal to come rescue me.  I'll wear my cutest rain boots, just in case.

Where is Gary England when I need him?

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  1. It is TOTALLY the Day After Tomorrow - except without the freezing cold..... hopefully. :) Will be praying for you this weekend, Katie Cupcake! Looking forward to an update.