Feels Like Home

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To recap, in the last four days, I have...
  • Moved to New York City.
  • Walked into an apartment that had absolutely nothing in it, other than the six suitcases I managed to haul on the airplane.
  • Learned that when they say "Bed Bath and Beyond," they really mean it.
  • Managed to drag a 32 inch television across Manhattan.
  • Purchased so much stuff at Ikea that they wouldn't let me back on the water taxi.
  • Discovered Luke's Lobsters...The Chief's new favorite place.
  • Survived K-Mart at Penn Station (trust me, it was scary).
  • Come to reset the people getting rich from bed bug prevention (but you'll be very happy to know I spent a small fortune to make sure I never have bed bugs).
  • Made friends with Clive, Greg, Elise, and Delia (the security team at my building).
  • Pretty much worked and walked and shopped my mom to the limit.
  • Went back for the "beyond" necessities at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • Spent three nights in my new New York home.
If you missed the "before" pictures, check out the previous post.  It was pretty much a blank slate, and it was completely empty other than furniture.  I packed two suitcases of decorations and things to make it feel like home.  The other four suitcases were clothes, shoes, purses, etc.  I shipped a few boxes of books and random things, but not much.  I pretty much had nothing to actually make it livable.  Luckily, The Chief and I pretty much bought everything that Manhattan has to sell.  It was bad, folks.  

In the end, my little Manhattan home actually feels like a home now.  Check it out...

So even though I was sad to see The Chief go, in some strange way, it really does feel a bit like home.  We're off to a good start people.  Please come visit soon!

In related news, tonight is my last night of funemployment...new job tomorrow!  Now, if only I can remember how to be even remotely productive with my life on a regular basis.  Wish me luck!


  1. It looks AMAZING. Unbelievable what you pulled off in just a few days!

  2. Adorable!! I love it so much!! Congrats, Katie!

  3. Wow. I've lived in my house for nearly eight months and you have more on your walls than I have on mine! It looks great - I especially like all of the green and yellow and the "Columbia crowns." Can't wait to visit!

  4. You've gotten so much done! What an adorable little home you've created for yourself. And, for the record, consider your bed bug prevention money well spent. One of my dear OBU girlfriends who lives in NYC has been with her family in Oklahoma for almost a month due to the horrendous bed bug infestation of her apartment. It's been a nightmare. You made a wise investment, indeed!