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Thursday, July 28, 2011

So sorry for the delay, all six of you who follow {the ivy project}.  I wish I had some fabulous reason for not blogging.  The truth is, I arrived home from New York five weeks ago, and I have done absolutely nothing even remotely productive with my life since then.

It was the best five weeks I've ever known.

Here is what I did instead...

I spent every minute of my time with all my favorite people.  I went to weddings and concerts and reunions and movies and birthdays and all sorts of other great things.  Mostly, I got to have lunch and dinner every day with people I love.  I got to catch up on life and the things that really matter.  I made great memories with my best friends.  I met new people I think are pretty great.  I spent tons of quality time with my family.

I did exactly what I wanted to do this summer, all summer long.  So really, that's pretty much the most productive I could have been, right?

So, even though I did not read even one page of my miles-long fall reading list or write one word of the paper that is due in a few weeks, I did what I needed to do.  I loved every single second of it.

And in two and a half days, I will do what I never really thought would happen.  Boxes are shipped, suitcases are packed, weekend trips are being planned.  I have a Manhattan address.  I can't quite imagine not spending every single day with all my favorite people, but I know it is happening at the exact right time.

And I know you will all come visit, right?

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