New York, New York

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why I Make a Good New Yorker:
1.  I pretty much walk everywhere now.
2.  I buy expensive workout clothes (thank you, Lululemon).
3.  I avoid Times Square at almost all costs.
4.  I would rather have the local coffee place than the corporate chain.
5.  I have learned to stay in my neighborhood for everything I need.
6.  I think taxi cabs are crazy expensive.
7.  I adore brunch.
8.  In my mind, I'm trying to justify the $300 dress I tried on last night.
9.  I carry an extra pair of shoes wherever I go (Gap City Flats are worth the cash, ladies!).
10.  Apparently I like running now...who knew?

Why I Make an Awful New Yorker:
1.  The walking doesn't stop me from the cupcakes.  I tell myself that if I can walk there, I can have one.
2.  I still like half and half in my coffee, and New York is apparently too good for that.
3.  I went to bed at 8:30 Thursday night.
4.  I went to bed at 9:30 Friday night.
5.  I have an overwhelming desire to eat Mexican food daily, and this stuff in NYC just isn't working.
6.  I really want to go to a Broadway show this weekend, just because.
7.  I spend money when I get bored (whoops, surprise trip to Bloomingdales).
8.  I would really rather wander around Whole Foods for a few hours, then go home and cook.
9.  I wake up before the neighborhood coffee shops open.  Grrrrr...
10.  I love the summer thunderstorms.


  1. Ok, what is this business about no half-n-half? Because it is essential to my life. Do they drink it black? Skim?

  2. There is either whole milk or nonfat milk. I get crazy looks when I ask for half and half, and most places don't even have it. Crazy, right?