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Friday, May 27, 2011

"just a few more months and I'll be fine..."

Sorry for not checking in much lately.  I've been a little busy.  I know, you're shocked.  But it's true.

I leave one week from today for my first summer session of classes at Columbia.  Yikes. A. Bee.  For so long, this whole concept of a new grad school program was so far off.  I first heard about the program last summer, applied in September, interviewed in November, and was accepted in December.  The idea of three weeks in June was always just an idea...June seemed forever far away.  Until now. 

I will be taking three classes this summer: Advanced Research Seminar in Education, Pro-Seminar in Adult Education, Workshop in Life History and Adult Education.  It's ok if you don't really understand what any of that means.  I only vaguely do.  Just to clarify, that's eight credit hours of doctoral-level coursework in 15 days.  Holy cow. 

One of my pre-assignments is to write a life history and autobiography of my learning experiences.  Here is something I realized...

In high school, I read Cliffs Notes almost exclusively, and I did just fine.  Oh, and there was an occasional PBS movie in there to fill in what the Cliffs Notes left out.

In college at Baylor, I sort of read the books.  You know, enough to get by long enough to forget it again.  I kept all my journalism, public relations, and religion books.  Maybe one day, in all my spare time, I'll read them all, for real this time.

In grad school at Baylor, I read about 78% of the assigned reading.  I'm not going to lie and say I read it all.  But I did read most of it.  And, for the first time, enjoyed the textbooks I read.  This is because there were no science classes.  Who needs any of that pesky chemistry stuff, anyways?

In anticipation of beginning a Doctor of Education program at Teachers College/Columbia University, here is what happened... 

I read the books. 

All of them. 

The articles too.


And I don't just mean the reading assigned for the first day.  I mean all of the reading assigned for the entire course, all three of them, beginning to end.  Now, in this autobiographical assignment tracing my learning history, I fully intend to chalk this up to the growth that occurs as individuals mature.  I'll talk all about how the more you study something you are interested in, the more you want to keep studying it.  There will be flowery words and references to my mentors who showed me what it meant to be a lifelong learner.  Maybe you will all stand in line at Barnes & Noble one day to buy a copy.  Beautiful.

Here's what it really boils down to...

Ridiculous amounts of fear.  Like, what have I gotten myself into kinds of thoughts.  Like, Elle Woods on the first day of Harvard Law kinds of fear.

Don't get me wrong, I am still so very thrilled.  It's just that now, instead of googling fun things to do in all my New York spare time, I read.  A lot.  All the time. 

(Note: my brain hurts.)

I still need to write two papers this weekend, but it's all good.  Both papers feature me as the subject...we all know I don't have a problem writing about myself.  You'll be able to preorder your very own copy before you know it.

In the mean time, I have one more day of work.  There's an awesome Quitters party happening this weekend to commemorate the occasion.  Pretty darn exciting.

Stay tuned friends...

{the ivy project} will finally be live in New York in a few short days.

Good times.

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