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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well you do know how much I love a good New York weekend...

Over the weekend, I had a few school details to take care of.  Never one to shy away from "responsibility" and "doing the right thing," I made the difficult sacrifice of attending to these things in person.  It was the noble thing to do.  The Chief and Baby Sister (also known as "moral" and "support") sacrificed their weekend plans of "This Old House" and ballet class for the sake of the cause.

I know, you already feel so sorry for us.  

Spring in New York is amazing.  Saturday was the first nice day after a winter of blizzards and downpours, and New Yorkers were out to celebrate.  After brunch on Central Park South, The Chief, Baby Sister and I spent the afternoon at the Central Park Zoo.  Baby Sister simply adores the zoo, especially her new friends Gus and Ida (the polar bears).  I am not so much of a zoo fan (I know, shocking).  Luckily, the Central Park Zoo is just the amount of zoo I can handle...a tiny little blip on the larger park scale.  It's definitely worth an hour of your time on a beautiful Manhattan day.

After a stroll to the west side of the park, we hopped the subway to Columbia's campus.  Baby Sister and I spent a day there in the fall, but this was The Chief's first trip to the Ivy League campus.  I imagined this magical moment...getting off the subway at 116 and Broadway, walking through the stately iron gates, and arriving on the classic quad...blue skies and birds chirping and all.  It was going to be perfect.  The Chief was going to fall in love.  

Here is what happened instead...

Students were playing beer pong on the quad.  

Yep.  That is how my mother (who works for the Baptists) experienced my beautiful, perfect, Ivy League campus for the first time.  Fantastic.  

The Chief and Baby Sister got to see Teachers College, where my classes will be held.  It was the next best thing to walking me to class on my first day of school.  (I did have to prove to Baby Sister that my first love will always be my true love...note the Baylor jacket and Sic Em happening.)

We spent the rest of the weekend moving from one great New York restaurant to another, adding a little shopping in between to feel better about ourselves.  I even stumbled upon a place called "The Best Chocolate Cake In The World."  (Insert Buddy the Elf moment here.)  Clearly, I was obligated to try this best chocolate cake in the world.  And people, it did not live up to the actual best chocolate cake in the world.  Not even close.  Good thing Max Brenner is always there to save the day.

Baby Sister learned to navigate the city solo.  Be proud.  Monday morning I had to turn The Chief and Baby Sister loose in the concrete jungle for a few hours.  I left detailed lists of things to do and cross street locations.  I put them on Broadway and told them exactly where to stand for a taxi.  By the time we met up for a late lunch, they had done nothing on my list, but had walked from 83rd and Broadway to 49th and Park, stopping at every major landmark along the way.  Even took the subway by themselves (which sister quickly corrected me, specifying that she took the 6 train to 77th and Lex).  Way impressive.  

Just remind me never to fly commuter jets out of Newark ever again.  

Until next time...

Good to see you again.

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