Have A Little Faith

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey, remember that time I came back from Spring Break and quit my job? 

No?  It's just me then?

So here's the deal...

The rumors are true.  Over the last month and a half or so, I have felt more and more that working full time while I pursue my degree is just not the right thing for me to do.  I can't really explain it, but it's been pretty much a constant nagging feeling lately.  I ignored it at first, writing it off as being totally, 100% irresponsible.  And while I often dream about being irresponsible, we all know that's not really me.  The longer I felt that way, the more I started to wonder if maybe there was something to it. 

I spent a great deal of time praying about what direction God had in mind.  I talked to a lot of people I really trust, all of whom confirmed that maybe I wasn't so crazy after all (at least about this...they still think I'm crazy).  I began to research options for having something more than negative $10 in my bank account should I choose to actually do it.  Mostly I just kept praying that God would help me figure out the next little step, even if I couldn't know the whole big plan right now. 

And somewhere along the way, I became really, really confident that this is absolutely the right decision for me right now.  Here are some things that led to that confidence...
  • I currently work about 50 hours a week.  Love what I do, but that's a lot when you consider throwing studying into the mix.
  • My degree program at Columbia is a full-time program and I'll be a full-time student.  I'm just only on campus part-time.  So I'll be taking a full-time doctoral level course load with at least one research class each term.  Research and I are not friends.
  • I was pretty much going to max out all my leave time, leaving no wiggle room for travel delays like weather or birds or whatever.  Plus, my program has a no excuses attendance policy.  Be at every class or leave the program.  The thought of not having any extra time in my travel schedule (just in case) is kind of scary.
  • The most intensive part of my program will be in the summer.  The most intensive part of my job is in the summer.  Problem.
  • I kind of really like the people in my life.  Obviously, it will still be a huge time commitment, but I am hopeful that this decision will allow me to maintain some sense of balance in my life.  I love higher ed and learning and all.  Love the idea of this new adventure.  Love my people more.  Full time work plus full time school left negative amounts of time for relationships.  (Plus, at some point in the hopefully not too crazy distant future I really, seriously want to add "wife/mom" to "sister/daughter/friend/awesome person" and need the balance/time/sanity/clarity to be present in my own life.)
  • And yeah, there's still the whole Ivy League epic-ness happening.  No pressure.
So I literally came back from Spring Break and quit my job.  Bright and early, 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.  Higher ed friends...there was a whole lot of a NASPA-high happening here.  You understand, right?  It's like when you come back from church camp and are so fired up about life and missions and telling people about Jesus.  Being around people who understand the field and understand me gave me the final little push to take the leap.  I officially resigned from my current job.  It's ok if you think I'm crazy.  My last day will be May 31, and I'll head to New York to start school June 3.  I do have really solid career/money/not being broke options to fill in the gaps, and I'll share more details about all that later.  It's going to be good. 

In mostly unrelated news, {the ivy project} will be broadcasting on location this weekend.  Magnolia Bakery is calling my name...


  1. I don't think you are one bit crazy. I think you are wise. (Says the girl who quit her higher ed job while her husband is in school to be a stay at home mom, so perhaps my crazy radar isn't quite in tune ;)

  2. Embrace it! :) Seriously, you have obviously thought this through and I know you will be just fine. Also, last year I came home from NASPA and quit my job some 48 hours later. Seriously. Now, it's not quite the same thing, because I didn't have a hefty doctoral program waiting in the wings (nor a baby to care for like Leslie), but still. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I have not regretted that decision for one second. So I say more power to you, sister! :) Hope everything goes perfectly for you!

  3. I am SO excited for you, Katie!! This is a great decision and when you are in the midst of your first semester, trust me, you will REVEL in it! (even more than now!)

    However, I am starting to worry that our NASPA fun times are going overboard when everyone keeps returning and quitting their jobs. Perhaps next year, when we gather in Phoenix, we will manage to keep our fun slightly more in check..... LOL. :)

    So excited for you, girl. So proud of you for making this hard decision. Can't wait to hear what's next!

  4. You girls are the best! It may be totally selfish, but I continue to be overwhelmed with confirmation that this is right... and that I have AMAZING friends.

    Tiff...you might not have to worry about the NASPA fun times and future impact. Pretty soon none of us will have jobs to quit. :-)