One Short Day

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh there's so much to do...

Recently, I've had several friends and family members ask for recommendations in New York.  Where should they eat, shop, play, etc.?  This got me thinking about perfect New York days (I know, you're shocked).  So, the next two {the ivy project} posts will be my perfect New York day recommendations.  I'll start with the tourist, classic New York, and then share my off-the-beaten path, real-life New York.  I am by no means an expert...if you love the city as much as I do, feel free to comment with your own recommendations. 

If I only had one day to spend in the city, and I'd never been before, here's how I would do it...

Go in September and stay at the Waldorf.  It is New York...classic, beautiful, right where you want to be.  New York in the winter is beautiful, but it is a completely different city when it's warm and sunny, and September is just perfect.  Still warm enough to wander instead of rush.  Warm enough to eat outside and watch the city pass you by.  Start with brunch at Sarabeth's Central Park South.  Sit outside, right across the street from Central Park.  After brunch, wander through the park, making your way past Wollman Rink, the zoo, and Sheeps Meadow.  Take it all in. 

Cut through the East Side of the park and head down 60th to Bloomingdales.  Ah, Bloomingdales.  Ladies, spend some time getting lost on the first floor.  The handbags/cosmetics/accessories section is amazing.  Guys, you probably just want to find a bench.  It's going to be awhile.  Spend more than you had planned to, then head just down the block to Serendipity for lunch.  The frozen hot chocolate is definitely worth the wait.

After lunch, shop your way back down Fifth.  Check out F.A.O. Schwarz and the Big piano.  Definitely hit Bendel''s my favorite by far.  And just so you know, Tiffany & Co. is at 57th and 5th.  (To the two men who read my blog...take note of this location.)  Stop by all the big Fifth Avenue retailers, ending at Sax Fifth Avenue.  It's next door to Saint Patrick's Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen...stop in while you are there.  Also, Sax shoe department has it's own zip code.  Yep.  Heaven.

Head across town on 49th through Rockefeller Plaza and check out the Today show plaza and Radio City, then grab a cupcake at the famous Magnolia bakery.  You'll burn off all the calories walking across the city (at least that's what I tell myself).  From Magnolia, grab a cab to 34th and 5th for the Empire State Building.  The experience isn't quite like in the movies (never is, right?), but definitely something everyone should do once.  Take a's cold up there.

Check out Macy's while you're in the area, then take the subway to Brooklyn.  (To all my Manhattan-loving friends...please don't stop reading since I said Brooklyn.)  Get off on the first stop, then walk back into the city across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It. Is. Amazing.  You absolutely have to walk towards Manhattan, not away from it.  Bring your camera.

Take a left when you get off the bridge to see Trinity Church, Wall Street and the World Trade Center site.  It will leave you speechless.  Look for the cross made of WTC wreckage.  From here, cab it back to SoHo.  SoHo is this wonderful, totally different part of New York.  Great shopping, great food, great views.  Get lost in the flagship Dean and Deluca...and get a snack if you really need it.  You're probably hungry, so grab an early dinner at Lombardi's.  It was the very first pizza place in NY (or so they say), and it's right around the corner.  Try the white pie.

Grab another cab back to 42nd and 7th...Times Square.  It's almost show time on Broadway.  See something classic.  I do love "Wicked."  It makes you want to sing along.  I promise it won't be the only time you ever see'll love it.  So New York.  If you're up for it afterward, head uptown to 83rd and Amsterdam after the show.  Grab a late night snack at Cafe Lalo, the "You've Got Mail" cafe where they first meet.  The black and white cheesecake is amazing.  It's a perfect way to end a perfect day in New York...


  1. Great list! The only things I'd add are the market at Union Square and Max Brenner!

  2. This post makes me feel hungry, exhausted, and so much more... but mostly makes me want to take Taylor to NYC! Nothing quite like visiting the city with someone who has never been before, especially if we did everything on your list :) Oh, and it's own zip code? I really could die there!!