One Short Day, The Sequel

Monday, March 28, 2011

I absolutely adore New York in the summer.  I mean, love it all the time, but summer is my favorite.  I love how you can literally spend hours walking from one place to the next.  You just never know what you'll discover along the way.  My favorite New York days are the ones when I practically walk the length of the island, but don't even realize it until later.  You just shop a little, eat a little, drink a little, and start the whole process over again.  Maybe you find a cool farmer's market or meet up with friends or spend a little too much money on summer dresses at Anthropologie.  It's fantastic.
If I spent a great deal of time in New York, here is how I would spend the day...

Grab coffee and a bagel from the place on the corner, then just start walking.  I like the flat, skinny, whole wheat everything bagels.  Better than it sounds, and they leave more room for cupcakes later.  After that, I would probably just start walking.  Maybe head to one of the parks to enjoy the bagel and coffee.  Read a bit of the book I'm carrying or the Sunday New York Times.  (Sidenote: I LOVE the Sunday New York Times.  This in itself is practically a whole day's entertainment.)

As for the rest of the day, I would spend a little time shopping.  Just wander through cute stores in SoHo or Union Square.  I could spend hours in paper stores, so check out Kates Paperie if you're in the area.  It's right around the corner from Dean and Deluca SoHo and is just so much fun.  Hopefully, if I had a place to cook that night, I would grab groceries at D&D, Eataly or Whole Foods.  Again, this could take me hours, and I would love every second of it.  

On a perfect summer day like this one, I would probably end up at Boat Basin with friends... 

It's one of those places that makes you feel like you're not in New York for a bit, but is still SO New York.  Boat Basin is in Riverside Park along the Hudson.  You know, there's a place in Riverside Park where the path curves...I'll be waiting.  (Anyone?  My favorite movie?  The one I think will really happen someday?)  It's a great place to pass a Sunday afternoon. 

And folks, that's about it.  Wandering New York is seriously my absolute favorite thing to do.  This basically drives baby sister nuts, but it's ok.  I just tell her everything is two blocks away and keep lying my way across Manhattan.  She loves it too.

Anyone want to spend the day wandering around New York with me?

Oh how I wish you would...

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  1. You've Got Mail! And yes, I would definitely wander around NYC with you :)