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Sunday, February 6, 2011

People always ask me for New York recommendations.  Where should they have cupcakes or coffee or pizza or great New York experiences?  From time to time, I'll use {the ivy project} to write about my favorite New York places.  One of my favorite things about New York is that there is always something new to discover.  I, of course, have favorites, but I'm not one of those people who goes to the same restaurants every single time.  New York is far too exciting for repetition.

If you are ever in New York, you simply must visit Max Brenner: Chocolate By The Bald Man.  It will change your life (I'm not even exaggerating).  It is located in Union Square, just near the multi-level Whole Foods, which is another element of my dream life and one that will surely receive several blog posts dedicated to its magical-ness.  Max Brenner has a two page food menu and a 20 page dessert menu.  My kind of place.  How could anything bad happen to you at a place that has something called the "melting chocolate heart" dessert?  (Please refer to illustration 1)...

For the record, the Melting Chocolate Heart dessert includes a warn chocolate cake with a warm chocolate center topped with fresh strawberries, mini martini shaker with molten dark chocolate (to drizzle over the cake), tiny dish of organic vanilla bean gelato with chocolate shavings, and finally a baby chocolate shake (served in a shot glass) with fresh whipped cream.  Seriously...heaven in Manhattan.

Always hopelessly searching for ways to make the rest of the world more like the island of Manhattan, I present to you the hug mug...

Max Brenner's hug mug is the perfect remedy for four snow days and three feet of snow in the yard.  It is specially designed to warm your hands and make girls like me forget about the 29 inches of snow shoveled from the driveway.  (In related news, I miss subways).  Hug mugs are best enjoyed with peppermint hot chocolate, marshmallow cream and sisters who enjoy Alice Cups (stay tuned for an exclusive Alice Cup blog).

The next time you are in New York (or Las Vegas), walk a couple of extra blocks (which is actually 29 blocks in Katie-speak) to Union Square for a trip to Max Brenner.  The extra calories are worth the splurge.

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  1. I adore Max Brenner. I was actually there THREE times last year, and it was incredible each and every time. Casey even took me in October, and I finally tried something non-chocolate - the Unforgettable Spicy Tuna Salad Sandwich. Holy moly was it unforgettable. I still dream about that sandwich.